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Many undergraduates have had their summer plans disrupted by cancellation of planned internships or other programs.  UROP is inviting applications from students who wish to participate in online-only summer research projects, for funding or credit.  The School of Science and Physics department have committed to financial support beyond what the central UROP office may be able to provide.

We strongly encourage all MKI researchers to consider mentoring a UROP, especially for projects conducive to online interactions and work.  The UROP application portal is now open with a deadline of May 7.  You may advertise availability through a physics department matching program being coordinated by Nergis Mavalvala.  MKI’s UROP coordinator is George Ricker.  You may email either of them with proposed projects, contact information for interested students, experience/requirements and anticipated dates.

Update 5/11: The window to apply for Direct Funding UROPs is now closed, and through the efforts described above it appears that we were able to meet much or all of the demand for UROP positions.  The portal is still open for groups who would like to support a student through sponsored research funding.

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