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Coincident with our public health crisis, there has been a changing landscape of Federal policy on immigration that affects members of the MIT and MKI community.  These are the main issues that MKI has been tracking:

  1. We are maintaining a list of all current MKI personnel who will be applying for a visa or green card in the next year, or who are currently outside the country and will seek re-entry for work upon campus ramp-up.

  2. Expedited processing of H1B visas has been halted at the federal level.  The MIT International Scholars Office (ISchO) will process normal (non-expedited) applications for current employees to change status to H1B and/or extend their current H1B.

  3. As of 5/11, the ISchO has resumed processing of visa requests for incoming scholars. Travel restrictions put in place by the U.S. Government have not yet been lifted and US Consulates around the world remain closed currently. Therefore, we should expect that administrative processing through USCIS will take longer than usual for a period of time. The ISchO will do everything possible to maintain anticipated start dates, but can not guarantee these dates due to processing times. [As of 3/24, ISchO is not processing visa applications for any new postdoc associates, fellows, or visitors, until further notice.  They will process applications for tenure-track faculty or instructors.] Many details can be found on the ISchO website but you will also find that many questions are simply unanswerable until further guidance is issued by USCIS.  

As always, please direct any questions you have about immigration or visa status for our students, employees, and fellows, to Amanda Holley.

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