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New Hire Requests

Supervisors in need of hiring new personnel should contact the MKI HR Coordinator, Amanda Holley, 4-5398,, with a request, which initiates a job requisition through the MIT system. The following information is required from the supervisor to complete the MIT position request form:

  • Name of the supervisor

  • Account to be charged

  • Title/Classification of position

  • A well defined job description, including any special qualifications and required educational background.

  • Justification for new position

  • Interviewer name and alternative

  • Start date and work schedule

  • Recommended job advertising venues

Jobs posted on the MIT jobs site - - are automatically posted to the following:

The position request is forwarded to the Dean of Science for approval.  Once approved, Human Resources will assign a Job Number to the request and post the position.  The Hiring Manager will be able to view applications via the Applicant Tracker System (Peoplefluent) site through Atlas.

When a candidate is selected, the supervisor/interviewer supplies MKI Administration with a summary of the candidates interviewed, the reasons for not selecting them, and a brief reason for selecting the final candidate (when known, supply race and gender of candidates).

MKI then submits a memo to the Dean’s office requesting approval to hire the candidate.  Once approved, an offer letter is sent to the candidate stating the salary, start date, travel or moving limitations and other pertinent information.

Filling Existing Positions

When seeking to fill an existing position with no change to classification, please send a job description. 

Temporary Appointments

For requests to make temporary appointments on MIT’s payroll, please provide a written request for the appointment, how the candidate was identified as a prospective employee, a job description and the candidate’s resume.  Temporary appointments that may eventually become permanent positions should follow the process for requesting other appointments with a request to make the appointment for a limited time period.  Temporary appointments are not meant to bypass the affirmative action serious search process, expedite visa processing, or avoid requesting the addition to headcount.  

Temporary/Short-term Employment

MITemps is used for individuals who are selected by MIT managers and referred to, screened, and hired by nextSource (our designated outside agency) for short-term assignments; i.e. those that typically have an end date, including summer employment. nextSource maintains all necessary personnel and payroll records. nextSource is responsible for responding to MITemps' complaints and grievances and, at the request of MIT, shall terminate any MITemp assignment at MIT. MIT employees may not be employed by both MIT and nextSource at the same time. 

Information necessary to process a MITemp appointment:

  • Name of candidate

  • Candidate’s email address

  • Address and phone number

  • Date of Birth

  • Job title

  • Start and end date

  • Hourly rate

  • Hours per week

  • Account to charge salary

  • Job description

  • Person who will be approving time sheets


The director’s office should be informed of any visitors who will be at MKI for more than 3 days.  Please send an email to Rob Simcoe (copy Debbie Meinbresse) indicating your visitor's name, dates of visit, home institution, and reason for visit.   Note: If you are hosting a visitor for more than 5 days, or an international visitor for any period of time, Amanda Holley should also be copied so an MIT appointment can be processed. Visitors can be directed to the MKI visitors page for information on places to stay.

Information necessary to process a Visitor appointment:

  • Name of candidate

  • Candidate’s email address

  • Address and phone number

  • Date of Birth

  • Job title

  • Reason the appointment is necessary

  • Start and end date of visit

  • Visitors CV

  • Country of citizenship, if visa is needed

  • Institution or business the visitor is coming from

  • Indicate if you are affiliated with that organization

  • If office space is necessary

Visiting Engineer, Visiting Scientist, and Visiting Scholar titles designate visitors working at MIT for a specified period from one week to one year. The specific title, always preceded by "visiting," should reflect the actual duties of the visitor. A visiting engineer, scientist, or other similarly titled appointee is primarily occupied with research in the field indicated. Incumbents are not accorded principal investigator status and do not normally receive consulting privileges.

Visitors have the following classifications:

  • Visitors to MIT are expected to be short-term appointments lasting no more than 12 months with the following titles:
  • Visiting Scholar: MS degree or higher with 0-4 years of research experience who plans to visit MIT to learn about a specific research area, project, or technique.
  • Visiting Scientist: MS degree or higher with 3+ years of experience who can conduct research on his/her own, and will participate in a collaboration with the faculty sponsor.
  • Research Affiliate: recognizes the status of an individual with whom the Institute wishes to acknowledge some degree of association. Research affiliates characteristically have no specific duties and are typically not in residence. Appointments to this rank are not normally intended to be of long-term or indefinite duration.
  • Visiting Student: student who is pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution of higher education (other than MIT) may be invited by an MIT faculty member to enhance the student’s own course of study and/or fulfill a degree requirement.  An appointment may be made for a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 12 months.  Visiting students may not take classes.  The request for a visiting student appointment must be submitted 90 days in advance of the anticipated start date. 

The request must include:

  • Name of visiting student

  • Date of birth

  • Student’s email address

  • Mailing address

  • Biographical page of passport

  • Dates of visit

  • Student’s home institution

  • Student’s country of citizenship

  • Reason for visit - explain in one paragraph the research program for the visiting student, the activities and duties, as well as the benefit to the lab provided by the visiting student’s presence.

  • Account number for $1,000 Processing Fee, to be paid by faculty host (Sponsored research funds may not be used).

  • Account number for Registration Fees: $1,500/fall term; $1,200/spring term; $900/summer

  • Full term must be paid during registration process. (Sponsored research funds may not be used)


If you would like to support a UROP, the student must visit to complete an application and upload a student-authored 1-3 page research proposal, clearly stating the project purpose and describing in detail his/her planned research duties by the given term deadline.  Once the student submits the application and proposal you will need to review and approve the UROP at and clicking on For Faculty Supervisors.

By approving your students' UROP application, you are confirming not only your support for the academic content of the proposal, but also acknowledging that no UROP student is allowed to begin work in the lab until all departmental and Institute chemical hygiene and EHS training requirements have been fulfilled. Please communicate the hazards typically encountered in your laboratory as well as project specific hazards to your UROP students before they begin and be sure they complete all requisite trainingEvaluate your student(s) at the end of each term. Feedback can be submitted via your or by email to

Annual Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are conducted on the following schedule:

  • Sponsored Research and Administrative staff reviews take place in November; increases are effective 1/1
  • Support Staff reviews take place in February; increases are effective 4/1

  • Senior Research Scientist reviews take place in March; increases are effective 7/1

  • Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates take place prior to the renewal of their appointment; increases are effective at extension of appointment.  Renewal of postdoctoral appointments requires a performance evaluation.


Promotions to the ranks of Senior Research Scientist and Principal Research Scientist follow a thorough process overseen by the MKI Director. Please contact Rob Simcoe or Jack Defandorf for more information.

Please contact Amanda Holley if you are thinking of recommending someone for promotion to other ranks.


Offices for short-term MKI visitors

There is currently one office available for short-term visitors:
37-664F (phone: no phone) is typically used for our brown bag lunch and colloquium speakers
Debbie or Thea Paneth to reserve the rooms and obtain keys.

New Employees

  • See Amanda (37-287) to complete paperwork, get office keys, and activate your after-hours access to 6th floor.
  • See Debbie (37-241) to have your photo taken and provide your website information.

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