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MKI has three conference rooms for the MKI community to reserve for meetings and one visitor's office for short-term visitors.  We plan to embed a Google calendar on this page in November 2015 so you can check conference room availability.  For questions or to reserve these conference rooms, contact Debbie (secondary contact Thea).  Please note: some standing events (brown bag lunch talks, astrophysics colloquia, journal club) are scheduled year round as placeholders.  If you have a question about a particular date, please contact Debbie.

Marlar Lounge (37-252)









  • Seating capacity: 77 (50 chairs at the front of the room; 27 chairs at the back)
  • Amenities: ceiling-mounted lcd projector (front), blackboard (front), portable
    white board, 2 screens (front and side), lapel microphone and sound system,
    external computer speakers, podium, 2 a/v carts,
    2 large conference tables – 10' x 42", 10' x 46",
    5 tables – three 5' x 24"; one 5' x 30"; one 4' x 24",
    several jacks for VOIP conference phone (kept in 37-241),
    multiple outlet strips and extension cords,









6th Floor Conference Room (37-656)

  • Seating capacity:  18 chairs (room is best suited for meetings no larger than 10-12 people due to the configuration of the conference table)
  • Amenities: ceiling-mounted lcd projector, white board, phone, kitchen

5th Floor Conference Room (37-576)

  • Seating capacity:  7 chairs
  • Amenities: ceiling mounted lcd projector, white board, VOIP conference phone

6th Floor Visitor's Office (37-664F)

The Visitor's Office has 3 desks for use by our brown bag and colloquium speakers and short term visitors (3-day stay).  Please refer to the section on Visitors on the HR page prior to inviting someone to visit MKI and well in advance of your visitor's arrival.  Note: The director’s office should be informed of any visitors who will be at MKI for more than 3 days.  Please send an email to Jacqueline Hewitt (copy Debbie Meinbresse) indicating your visitor's name, dates of visit, home institution, and reason for visit.   Note: If you are hosting a visitor for more than 5 days, or an international visitor for any period of time, Danielle Noonan should also be copied so an MIT appointment can be processed. Visitors can be directed to the MKI "visitors–this week" page for information on places to stay.  A loaner set of keys to the Visitor's Office is available from Thea (37-664L; 617-253-3718) or Debbie (37-241; 617-253-1456)


Reserving Other Spaces on Campus

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Classroom Inventory

Non-classroom List

CAC Space (Campus Activities Complex)

CAC Facilities

Event Planning Guide




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