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During the period of campus scale-back, a very limited number of people have access permission to enter campus and use the keycard system.  People who do have such access have been notified already. If you are not sure, you should assume your access is restricted.

If your access is restricted, it is still possible to come to campus, but you must visit this site on and register your time and reason for coming to campus, and await approval. 

Approved visitors (for essential personnel or those applying through Atlas) should enter the campus through Lobby 7 where you are registered and can take a lanyard for your ID.  

We also ask that you email Brian Surette so that he knows you will be on the premises.

Lastly, please remember to weak a mask at all times, per directive from the City of Cambridge.  You may receive a $300 fine otherwise.  Our understanding is that this policy applies during transit to/from MIT and in our buildings.

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